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Modernizing? Migrating? Mobilize your IBM Notes Domino apps
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Today’s CIO Nightmare

  • Hundreds of stranded mission critical applications
    • Built on outdated software
    • Developed by programmers who are long gone
    • Lacking mobile and cloud integration
  • Enterprise software vendors announcing end of support without comprehensive migration or modernization path for their customers
  • Application rewrite/migration costs are prohibitive
  • Throwing away 20 years of application development investment or…
  • Starting from scratch – not an option

Darwino – a CIO’s Dream

  • Modernize legacy solutions
  • Future-proof new applications
  • Write once, deploy anywhere
  • Technology & device agnostic
  • Mobile and IoT
  • Cloud-ready
  • Reduces development cost by 50%

Lightning Fast Social Mobile App Development

Write once, run anywhere

Darwino DB: The Foundation of Darwino

The data store of your dreams

Online? Offline? It's all the same.

Offline apps that work

Darwino is a platform agnostic enterprise full-stack application development platform, built from the ground up to focus on the delivery of cloud and mobile enterprise applications integrated with social collaboration platforms.

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Darwino – A Bold New Way to develop Business Applications

Darwino takes you beyond the Web, allowing you to meet the demand for true mobile business applications. Even if your legacy app is still restricted to your business’ LAN or WAN connection, don’t worry – mobile, cloud – Darwino will take you there.

  • Darwino puts the power in your hand to develop the true, rich and responsive mobile applications that your end users require.
  • Even when a network connection is erratic, nonexistent or otherwise not dependable, Darwino lets users be as productive as you need to be.
  • Darwino reduces the restrictions of things like bandwidth, storage and even battery life.
  • Darwino manages the ever-changing requirements of data security, from access rights, at-rest and in-transit encryption and more.
  • Darwino allows you to design the perfect UI to meet the needs of today – and tomorrow.
  • Darwino gives you the ability to design platform-agnostic applications. Whether your app will end up on Android, iOS or something else entirely – it doesn’t matter. You design the app. Darwino takes care of the rest.

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What’s Under the Hood?

  • Darwino comes complete with a full stack of components that you need to design the app you’ve been waiting for. From back-end to runtime to a studio and more, Darwino has it all.
  • Darwino natively supports all platforms – from Web to native mobile to hybrid and beyond.
  • Darwino provides you with unfettered access to a high performance JSON Document Store, allowing you to replicate between servers and devices, including third party databases.
  • Also available is a comprehensive and portable series of APIs with an offline cache including user profiles, communities, files and more.

Darwino focuses on Java as the portable language for business logic purposes, allowing the same business logic to run equally on both the server and on the devices themselves.

What are you waiting for? There is no time like the present to get started designing the mission-critical apps that your end users are depending on. Download Darwino today to get started.

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The foundation of the Darwino platform is DarwinoDB, a NoSQL JSON store that can be easily implemented on any relational database. DarwinoDB allows you to leverage your full existing infrastructure and investment, future-proof your work and make sure that it lives on – even after the platform that it was initially designed for is gone.

  • With DarwinoDB you can build native applications, using a fully functional document based JSON paradigm, all without needing to change your existing database technology.
  • DarwinoDB includes native functionality that allows you to modernize your apps, all without changing your existing database technology.
  • This allows DarwinoDB to truly act as the missing link between NoSQL and NewSQL that you’ve been desperately searching for.

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Offline data access, offline application functionality, anywhere.

Darwino provides offline replication, allowing you to be as productive as you need to be WITHOUT worrying about the presence of a connection. Because of this, your apps can deliver a true mobile experience independent of a connection, creating mobile capability for your existing apps or developing the new apps you’ve always wanted.

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